Accessories : Tropical State Of Mind šŸ˜Š

Pina Coladas by the beach, the cool evening breeze grazing your sun-kissed skin, watching the sun setting into the blushing sky, hearing the waves crash against the shore and lazing all day long; It is that time of the year when all you can dream of is escaping to a tropical paradise!

While we are stuck in our daily lives far from any tropical utopia, Chumbak’s “Tropical Collection” will put you right back in a “Tropical state of mind”. From footwear to jewelry, get ready to bring the tropical vibe into your everyday life.

I recently purchased the tropical state of mind watch from this collection. A good looking time-piece can make so much difference to any outfit. This watch can go with so many looks and it is a perfect reflection of my Goan state of mind, also it adds so so much sparkle to brighten my day. It is super economic too.

Here’s a list of my favourite stuff from the tropical collection at Chumbak.Ā 

Go grab them šŸ™‚




  1. A very tropically written; enlists supercool tropical collection which will certainly form part of 'MUSTS' to possess before heading the beaches. The tropical Avatar will augment the memorabilia of beach trips.


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