Decor : Photobooths and Props

Gone are the days when scrumptious food was the single most important factor tempting us to attend a wedding or any other party. Enchanting decor comes on the same place now as it reflects a lot about the personality of the host and also about how much time and thought has been given to make the event a memorable one for the guests.

A quirky trend which has caught our attention is – photobooths and props. It is an economic, easy and super fun method to increase the experimental quotient of your party and it also acts as an icebreaker for guests to mingle as nobody behaves like a sophisticated diva near the photobooth.

For those with a creative flair, these props are very easy to make and can be a great “DIY” project. This especially applies to all my army girlies, do use this fun concept for your next mess party/ladies meet.

It is only the memories which are left after the days pass by, so why not to create them in the most fun and sassy manner possible.

Here are certain DIY photobooths which just need a board, chalk and yes loads of your creativity 🙂 –






Easy to make and fun photobooth 
Handmade prop
Have funny quotes like this one 
Quirky frames, super economic too
Fun props


Even the kids can have a gala time 

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