Apparel : Hand-Painted Jeans

Hand-Painted Jeans : RangRage

I recently came across a very interesting brand which offers some very creative hand-painted stuff. They have apparel, handbags and a wide variety of home decor accessories. What really caught my attention was their hand-painted jeans, I had never seen something of this kind. 

RangRage is on a mission to inspire aesthetics in our eating,drinking,sleeping,clothing and pretty much everything. They want to infuse art in all things and make them affordable and usable.

Each of their product comes with the detailed story of the artist who painted it and how many hours it took to complete it. Once a design spills out of an artist’s mind, it will not be replicated. You possess something you never had, and nobody will ever have. It will have a unique signature that won’t be forged. What you own shall tell a grand tale! 

Do have a look at RangRage




  1. The writing has very nicely introduced to this new brand. “Rare collection and distinct possession” is moral of the story. It seems like a must buy handprinted stuff is on board to get us on shopping spree.


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