Contest Alert : Participate & Win

Aroma of Life has reached a small milestone by publishing 30 articles and we thought there was no better way to celebrate than by giving our readers a chance to win some exciting goodies. Read on for instructions on how to enter the giveaway.

What you win –Β 

2 lucky winners get to win these chic clutches in perfect pastel colours.

How to participate-

1. Follow our blog on the main blog page Aroma of LifeΒ (only an email id is required, remember to confirm your subscription once you receive a mail in your inbox)

2. At the end of this article, you will find a “Leave a reply” option. Tell us “what aroma of life means to you”? The 2 best replies will win the giveaway.

3. Remember you must subscribe to the blog to be considered for the contest.

4. That’s it 😊

The giveaway will run from 15th June to 20th June. The winners will be announced on our Facebook /Instagram page after 2 days, they will also receive a mail confirming the same.

Good Luck πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


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Aroma Of Life

Aroma Of Life is a webzine that taps into the world of blogging and gives people a space they can rely on for great resources, design inspiration, tutorials etc. Part fashion blog, part glossy mag, part fantasy travel portal, it is your ultimate online destination for stylish daydreams. The blog has following categories : Apparel, Accessories, Travel, Staycations, Decor, Brand Review, Beauty Review and Jaipur - Travel & Crafts.

14 thoughts on “Contest Alert : Participate & Win”

  1. Aroma of life 2 me means d fragrance i share in my relationship be it wit my husband,my children,or my inlaws,wich is scented wit d love,care nd bond i share wit my family. It is not only d outside fragrance but also d trust nd honesty needed in life 2 have a strong relationship


  2. What makes a great fashion blog? It is a design? It is content? Or it is readers interaction? And these all conditions are full filled at the AROMA OF LIFE. u have picked up the proper fashion blogging, all trending outfits, accessories and most importantly the places of the shoot. U guzzs are doing well done job by making aware people about the latest fashion and the most important u upload ur pictures so people get idea of the other combination too…..!!
    I’m very impressed from ur idea. That’s why I too create my own page .it’s too different from urs blog. BT my key of inspiration are u guzzs ..!!
    So pllzz like n follow my page toπŸ‘‰ vougooze πŸ‘ˆ

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  3. As d name goes Aroma means fragrance and life means all d areas it provides all info in related field with a special tinge of fragrance which will surely touch not only ur brain but heart ❀️… from leisure to fashion and body to soul …. it’s different

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  4. Well the best aroma I can think of is the aroma of wet soil which is the outcome of long awaited, well deserved fresh rains on an intensely Sun grilled piece of land. This natural aroma is one of those kinds which makes us assimilate the importance of fruit after hard work or the sense of achievement or happiness after a long struggle/ wait for something. Well that’s what signifies a part of life; still not the aroma of life. Because to me the real aroma of life comes from those driving factors who make every moment of my life truly blessed and jovial despite umpteen ordeals. They are my best (and not just better) half, my family and my friends.
    My another submission is about the quality of work in this blog; fabulous posts, quick glimpse of reality and the simpler but smarter way of living. Well a good reading augments the aroma of life as this blog does to me.
    Thank you.


  5. Aroma of Life is a key or “kunji” to various aesthetic aspects of daily lives ( such as fashion, apparel, travel ), specially beneficial for those who lack a natural sense in this domain. It is akin to what TripAdvisor is for travellers.


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