Decor : Homes Of The Stars

I realised that we had done only one decor post so far while it is a topic that fascinates me a lot. Redesigning a space is like a meditation in itself, it declutters your mind and also helps to jettison things which aren’t needed anymore. The inspiration for this post came from the numerous articles I read on architectural digest about homes of the new celebs on the block. What I liked most about these houses is that they aren’t gigantic or bombastic like a palace but each has a unique aura which very much reflects the personality and taste of the owner.

So here’s the list of 5 of my favourite celebrity homes –

1. Alia Bhatt – Her home is as removed from the glamour associated with Bollywood as possible and even the lighting is muted, in deliberate contrast to the harsh spotlight- literal and figurative – in which the actress usually finds herself.


Living Room 
Dressing room 


Dining space 
Reading Corner

2. Irrfan Khan- The home of this star very much resonates with the kind of cinema he works in – quaint and ethereal . You can find a strong presence of his Rajasthani roots with blue pottery decor, a “jhoola” in the living room, and a small pond too.


Dining Space 
Living room with the jhoola and pond




Since this is a picture heavy post, the remaining homes will be covered in second part of the article. Hope you liked witnessing the homes of our glitterati and could draw some inspiration, do share any home decor tips that you have in mind.

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(Disclaimer- All images sourced from the Architectural Digest)


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