Brand Review : Amydus

As the title suggests, this post is about my shopping experience from Amydus . I had seen a lot of advertisements of the brand on Facebook and there were pictures of happy customers wearing their apparel.

The order I placed was for a star print shift dress in powder pink colour. The shopping experience on their website was hassle free and both cash on delivery/exchange options are available.

The star print shift dress I ordered, image from Amydus website.


The package arrived in perfect condition within 3-4 days of placing the order. My expression changed from that of excitement to dismay on opening it. The dress was quite loose ,but that was not a problem as they do facilitate exchange, the issue was with the vibe of the apparel. It looked like a “dress” in the pictures I had seen, which can easily be worn to a movie night or to a casual luncheon with friends. But in reality, the fabric, cut and print was making it look more like a nightdress and not a dress that is meant to be worn beyond home 😦

I still didn’t lose hope and thought maybe the reason is it’s ill-fitted. I mailed them asking for an exchange, for which the reply was quick and within two days a pickup was arranged. The return took seven days and when I tried the new dress, I realised that it was meant to be a nightwear and nothing can change that. I don’t sleep in clothes made of satin and given the weather it seems impossible.

This maybe a one time disastrous experience and there might  be some other good stuff to buy, but with so many clothing startups and options to choose from, I won’t be putting another 1200 bucks at risk.

Do tell us if you have ever shopped from Amydus  and how was your experience. Hope you are following our Facebook page, lots happening there.

Bbye 🙂


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