Pop Up Couture : Funky Fish

Pop up couture stores – A new trend that has emerged in the world of fashion  retailing. They bring together collections of numerous designers from across the country. The curators then showcase these collections in different venues. It gives a break from the monotony of shopping at stores and boutiques. It is like shopping at an eclectic Indian bazaar filled with contemporary fashion, art, food, music and more. Funky Fish is one such pop up couture organiser, which has conducted events in various cities all over the country. Each of these couture events has a different theme and decor is done in sync with the theme.

It was Jaipur’s turn this time to have its share of pop up fashion and the theme of the event was – Enchanted Garden. Aromaoflife  got a chance to visit this fashion souk, which was a blooming garden full of a curated range of clothing, accessories and home decor.

The event was held at Hotel Hilton,Jaipur. Here are the pictures-



My dress also resembled an enchanted garden 😂

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