The Brocade Story

In our previous Blogpost about Idli, we took you into the exotic world of Thierry Journo and the way everything is handcrafted in the boutique. As promised, this post is especially dedicated to the amazing work he has been doing with brocade, a fabric that is mostly associated with traditional silhouettes. We were completely in awe of the manner in which Thierry has handcrafted apparel from brocade, the designs are so contemporary and the fabric so rich.

One can never imagine attending a wedding in a blazer and trouser but a single look at these brocade pieces will make you believe that you can. There are blazers, skirts, trousers, tops, maxi dresses made of pure brocade in vibrant colours. You will find a diverse range of pieces that can be worn for a casual day out to a social evening.

Here are the pictures-

(Please Note- All pictures are sourced from Idli and edited by Aromaoflife)




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