A Visual Delight : Part 1

January opens the box of the year and brings out days that are bright and clear. January is an amazing month to be in Jaipur, there are so many multifaceted exhibits and festivals that happen in the balmy days of this month.

Tourists from within and outside the country throng the city to witness its eclectic cultural heritage. The whole city is decked up like a bride during this period, also to commemorate the republic day of our country. For the part 1 of this series, we bring the majestic Albert Hall (Museum of Jaipur) to you in a plethora of colourful lights.

I think I better not write too much in this post 😂. I will leave you to take in the visual delight of these stunning images-

Jaypore’s Open House In Jaipur

I am an educator by profession but an artist in my fantasy life. There are so many handcraft traditions in India, that i fear one life will be too short to explore all of them. Even if i know i will not be able to explore all the paths, i want to be there! I love the idea that i still have so much to see and learn.

My love for Jaypore and its core philosophy is conspicuously displayed on the blog, it has been giving a platform to so many creative peeps to share their artwork with you. From the past few months, Jaypore has also started conducting expos in various cities of the country.  We have already covered their first expo,which was held in Delhi and also a blogpost on what all i purchased from it.

It was Jaipur’s turn to get its share of Jaypore’s magic. The expo was held in the beautiful surroundings of the Narain Niwas Palace. It was such a delightful feeling to witness so many handwoven/handcrafted fabrics like – banarasi, brocade, tussar silk, organic cotton, kantha work, ikat, block prints and so much more. Apart from the fabrics/apparel, there were hand-printed clutches, embroidered bags, silver/tribal jewelry, organic skincare, home decor etc.

The aesthetics of the expo were very charmingly done against a lush green backdrop, here are the pictures-



























I have got a severe vacation itch. Some quiet time in a far away land. Hope that happens soon 🙂 

Travel : Radisson Blu, Haridwar

Between Haridwar and Rishikesh, I have developed a strong affinity for the latter. Rishikesh delights me. In Rishikesh, one feels very close to nature and a sense of tranquility. On the other hand, Haridwar is congested and like a routine city. I would definitely recommend staying in Rishikesh and opting for a day trip to Haridwar to visit all the places.

About the property : We stayed at the Radisson Blu during our stay in Haridwar. It is far from the main city and is located close to the industrial hub. There wasn’t anything special about the property and it is just like one of those typical business hotels. I won’t advise it to people who are visiting Haridwar for religious/ recreational purposes.

Recommendation : It primarily caters to people visiting for official purposes or weddings. As a tourist, I was not happy with the idea of staying so far from the Ganga as that is what Haridwar is all about. But as they say, every experience teaches you something and makes you wise.

Here are the pictures-



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Jammu & Kashmir Craft Fair

Jammu & Kashmir is a shoppers paradise offering an array of ethnic arts and crafts. Be it Jammu, Kashmir or Ladakh – each region has an assortment of fascinating products for shopping. There are a plethora of things to choose from- pashmina and shatoosh shawls, walnut woodwork, handwoven carpets, saffron, almonds and paper mache articles.

Kashida embroidery from Kashmir was patronized by the royals of the Mughal era. It consists of intrinsic needlework in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The tensed situation in Kashmir has reduced its appeal as a lucrative tourist destination. Access to the Kashmiri crafts is now only through exhibitions and fairs held in various cities.

An exhibit of Jammu & Kashmir handicrafts was held at the lawns of Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. Here are the pictures –



















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Into The Clouds : A Photoblog

The journey from Rishikesh to Auli is an extreme paradox- an exhilarating feeling of conquering the mountains and the constant nausea due to the tortuous route. The clouds hovering over the mountains was a sight to behold. Here are the pictures-

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Brand Review : Woodgeekstore

Wood + Geek – the combination appears to be quite an eccentric one. They are geeks with a passion for all things wooden and are trying to break the conventional image of wood by exploring it beyond its traditional uses. There is the usual walnut, bamboo, mahogany, rosewood, teak etc, but used in a plethora of bohemian ways. An artist truly has a wild mind and a disciplined eye.

Woodgeekstore offers an eclectic collection of customised wooden posters, journals, notebooks, pens, bow ties, phone cases, sunglasses along with cover. Imagining wood in such an unconventional manner speaks volumes about the creativity of the Woodgeeks team. Moreover, these products are the perfect thing to gift- eco friendly, quirky and personalised with a design or message of your choice.

I didn’t face any issues while ordering stuff from their website. Cash on delivery is available for non-customised products and it takes about a week for the stuff to get delivered. For personalised items, they do share a digital mockup for the customer’s approval and then it is actualised.

Here’s what I ordered-

1. Personalised sunglasses cover-

These can be an ideal gift- creative and economical. The cover looks good, can be personalised and is very sturdy.

2. Personalised sunglasses along with a free customised cover-

There are various styles available- wayfarers, round, aviators etc and you also have the option of choosing the wood of your choice from rosewood, bamboo, mahogany etc. Full marks for creativity but I am not so content with the quality of the glasses used, the wooden frame is good and given that natural is the new cool so the sunglasses look super chic.

Hope you enjoyed our review of the Woodgeekstore, it is our constant endeavor to bring such creative stories to you. Ciao 😍