Travel : Saturday Night Market, Goa

My favorite way to get to know a culture is by getting lost in the markets of the locals. It is the best way to see how people really live, how they eat and interact, and in what they place value. Goa has two such markets, which are held once every week : Anjuna Flea Market and Saturday Night Market at Baga. While the former has more of authentic Goan stuff (new and old), the latter is an amalgamation of people and crafts from all over the country.

This post covers our experience at the Saturday Night Market, which is a panoply of myriad forms of craft, food and music. There were umpteen stalls selling Tibetan jewellery, jute/straw handbags, Goan spices, Tribal silver ornaments, Beachwear, wooden decor and a whole lot of other stuff. For food lovers, the fare ranged from Tibetan momos and Chinese to authentic Goan delicacies and yes lots and lots of alcohol.

Take shopping as an experience of finding a great product from a treasure trove and you will be enchanted. I loved rummaging through the stuff to find that one perfect piece to carry home as a souvenir. And more than shopping, it was a great way to discover Goa and its people beyond beaches.

Travel Tip : The market is usually very crowded so for commuting prefer two-wheeler over four-wheeler.

Here are the pictures :





































Pop Up Couture : Funky Fish 2nd Edition

Funky Fish was our very first blogpost on the trend of pop up couture. It is a tad different from regular handicrafts and lifestyle expos. These events are not about promoting regional crafts or artisans, but primarily have designer/high-end labels showcasing their collection to people of a particular city.

Also, it is a pertinent medium for brands which only have an online presence as customers get to understand and feel the vibe of their products. “Enchanted Garden” was the theme of the previous edition of Funky Fish held at Hotel Hilton, Jaipur. This time the theme was “Dreamcatcher” , here are the pictures :















Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition : Lagan Mandap 2nd Edition

It is very gratifying to cover the new edition of an expo, which you have covered before. It’s like a journey that you have completed as an experience collector and nothing can be more rewarding. As the name suggests, Lagan Mandap is all about the glitz and glamour of wedding shopping. Here’s the link to the previous edition of this blogpost . This time the exhibition was held on a much larger scale with lots of participating stores and beautiful fresh flowers based decor.

One could find everything needed in a wedding under one roof. There were a plethora of semi-precious jewellery stalls, embellished clutches, sarees, Indo-western gowns, lehengas, footwear and a lot more. Also they had some very eclectic gift wrapping and packing stuff, which is a very important part of wedding preparations.

Enjoy the pictures :

Hidden Treasures : A Lifestyle Show

Being a blogger, I have had the privilege of covering so many wedding and lifestyle expos. Apart from the collection showcased by the participating brands, one thing that really stands out in any such event is the decor. It makes shopping feel like an artistic experience, renders luxury unintimidating and big-brand browsing feels refreshingly fun. Hidden Treasures was one such expo which was held at the  Diggi Palace, Jaipur. The whole outdoor area was done up with white paper lamps, artificial flowers and soft lighting, giving the place a very graceful and dainty vibe.

The exhibition had clothing, shoes, bags, precious & semi-precious jewelry, lifestyle accessories & artifacts, paintings & furniture, organic products & more from all across the nation and overseas. I don’t know which i like best : wearing jewelry or photographing jewelry 🙂 . There was also a live band and some cafes to enjoy in the beautiful settings, making this lifestyle show a perfect experience for all.

Here are the pictures :


























Kailash Kher : Musical Night @ JLF – 2018

We gave you a glimpse of the glitterati and the literati attending the Jaipur Literature Festival  , here are the links to the two blogposts – Part 1 and  Part 2. Apart from the sessions at Diggi Palace, A musical night is held every day during the five days of the festival. These happen at Hotel Clarks Amer and the entry charges this year were 600 rupees per person per day. Among the lineup of performers, day one had a performance by Kailasa – Kailash Kher’s music band. It was a great musical fiesta but again like the main event at Diggi Palace, there was too much crowd which was not commensurate with the seating arrangements made at the venue.

Since most people were interested in attending Kailash Kher’s performance, tickets for day one were sold beyond the capacity of the venue. Barring the mismanagement, it was an awesome show. Kailasa is a great band with some very talented artists. Also there was a panoply of mouthwatering delicacies prepared by the Clarks Amer catering team, though there were very limited options for vegetarians 😒.

Here are pictures from the musical night :


















Lagan Mandap : Wedding Exhibition

Continuing with our wedding season series, here are certain pictures from another wedding expo – Lagan Mandap held at the SMS convention centre, Jaipur.

Shimmer : Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition

The summer season is here and so is the wedding season, the latter calls for endless shopping trips to prep for various events like mehandi, sangeet, wedding, reception etc. A wedding exhibition/fair gives you the option of having everything under one roof. There are numerous boutiques/labels, which take part in these events to showcase their collection. It is also the perfect place to shop for accessories like clutches, footwear, hair adornments, jewelry due to the sheer variety and competitive pricing.

Shimmer is a wedding and lifestyle exhibition, which took place at the Birla Auditorium in Jaipur. There were some amazing stores selling all wedding related stuff. Here’s a look at the pictures from the exhibition –





















Jaipur Literature Festival : Part 2

Here we are with the second set of pictures from the Jaipur Literature Festival – 2018. You can have a look at the first part of this blogpost here. This year’s festival had a centrally located bazaar which had handicrafts, jewellery, apparel etc from various parts of the country. The mode of payment for any product or food item was completely cashless in the entire festival, giving an impetus to digital India.

There was a book store by Full Circle , which had books of all the authors who were participating in the festival. There was a Penguin store selling some quirky books based articles : Think rustic, gilded memo blocks, handmade paper, thread-stitched notebooks, souvenir maps and stationery that is kitschy, vibrant and just plain cool. Such stuff motivates you to write more and type less.

Coming to the food part, there was the special Diggi chai, samosas, kachoris, gol gappas etc. There were food stalls from Subway, Burger Farm, Chayyos, Fat Lulu’s, Fumo Attico and a whole lot of other stuff to try.

Here are the pictures :























Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Jaipur Literature Festival – 2018, we will soon be doing a collection of memories from the previous editions of the fest ❤️❤️

Travel : ITC Maurya, Delhi

About the property : ITC Maurya needs no introduction. Located in the preeminent diplomatic enclave, it hosts almost all the foreign dignitaries who visit India. Inspired by the grand Mauryan dynasty, this luxury hotel expresses the refined courtliness and majesty resembling this mighty empire. It also reflects the many intriguing facets of the Mauryas and is a tribute to the dynasty. ITC Maurya houses a priceless and exquisite collection of art by Krishen Khanna, M.F. Husain, Tyeb Mehta, Yusuf Arakkal, A R Ramachandran and more.

Dining options : The hotel houses some of the country’s most popular dining destinations like – Bukhara and Dum-Pukht. Unfortunately, both these restaurants were completely reserved for the evening so we did not get a chance to savour the delicacies. Leaving that for the next time 😊

We were there for a weekend getaway as we did not have time for a proper vacation. The aim was to clear our minds and to simply pamper ourselves. The hotel is absolutely flawless when it comes to hospitality and it is a perfect choice for public officials or businessmen who visit Delhi, but not an ideal destination for a staycation or a rejuvenating holiday.

Recommendation : There are a plenty of resorts/hotels available in the similar price range, which are better suited for recreational purposes. ITC Maurya is definitely a premier hotel of the country,  but it is important to have a clarity about our requirements before selecting a place. There’s not an iota of doubt on the facilities offered, but it is located in a such a prime part of Delhi that you can’t expect sprawling gardens or infinity pools.

Here are some pictures from our visit –


The key to life is to make it fun, to a raise a glass to the everyday and to make small moments the most memorable. Do like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram 🙂

Jaipur Literature Festival : Part 1

Jaipur Literature Festival is undoubtedly the most prolific and the most diversified literary event in the world. I still remember the first edition of the fest in 2008, there were barely a hundred book enthusiasts who attended the fest. Within ten years, the festival has grown by leaps and bounds. The five days of the festival are like immersing in an ocean of books wherein you get a chance to witness so many talented authors and hear their words of wisdom.

There is one thing that I would definitely want to convey to the festival organisers. Over the years, JLF has become more of a glamour parade for people. There is no denying that there’s a great lineup of authors and it requires meticulous planning on the part of the organisers. But the audience attending the festival should have some understanding or appreciation of these literary geniuses.

The festival gives you the option of either a free registration or a delegate registration worth 22000 rupees. There should be something for people who have a serious interest in literature and are okay paying a moderate amount for it, so that they at least get a seat and hassle-free access to the sessions.

Here are pictures from JLF -2018 :





























Dearpacker Sheet Masks From Nykaa 

Sheet masks are having a moment, thanks, to the benefits they provide for the skin, not-to-mention the variety available and convenient packing. There is a sheet for everything- to brighten, tighten, hydrate or reduce large pores. You can also get an overnight sheet mask and use it as a quick-fix at a destination wedding where you are not likely to find a salon.

I had never heard the name of this Korean skincare brand Dearpacker, until I saw their sheet masks being sold on Nykaa. They were organic, reasonably priced and had some salubrious ingredients making them worthy of a try. Nykaa had a fabulous offer by which one could purchase seven masks for 500 rupees. Here’s my review of the seven sheet masks I purchased –

But before I apprise you about the characteristics of each of these sheet masks, I want to add that Dearpacker has surprised me and the masks are much better than what I had expected them to be. In fact, these masks beat the sephora ones both in terms of pricing and quality. It is commendable that Nykaa is adding such a wide variety of brands to its array.

1. Green Tea + Jasmine Flower

Green Tea – improves the overall appearance of the complexion and neutralises the damage done by exposure to UV rays.

Jasmine flower- has soothing and calming properties to diminish visible redness.

Fragrance- None.

This was the first one I used and it did create an amazing first impression. It had a rejuvenating effect and added a fresh glow to the face, it is perfect to be used for any occasion especially when one has less time. 

2. Lavender + Argan Oil

Lavender- restores essential moisture balance to soften skin and its relaxing aroma provides natural stress relief. Sm

Argan Oil- is rich in Vitamin E to deeply hydrate and nourish skin, delivering dewy glow.

Fragrance- strong lavender.

This one had a moisturising effect. It is good for winters, when the skin gets dry and chapped.

3. Lab Collection Mask – Anti-Aging & Firming

The blend of active ingredients such as adenosine and almond oil improve elasticity, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful glow.

I would recommend this one as a part of your facial care routine, not intended to give an immediate glow but helping to improve the texture of skin in long run.

Fragrance- None

4. Coconut

Coconut- helps the skin stay moisturised, with preventing moisture loss throughout and gives a healthy, smooth and even tone.

Ideal for a cooling and rejuvenating effect.

Fragrance- Coconut Cookie 🍪

5. Fenugreek + Cucumber

Fenugreek- has cooling agent for brighter, clearer skin and imparts a soft glow on the face.

Cucumber- reduces skin tanning and rashes. Also restores moisture and comfort to sensitive skin suffering from irritation.

This one is ideal to get an instant glow and nurturing the skin.

Fragrance- Cucumber 6. Lab Collection Mask – Anti- Dry & Hydrating

This sheet mask contains a blend of hyaluronic acid aloe extracts which continuously plump and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier while delivering a moisture boost.

This again should be used as a part of daily skin care regimen to prevent any breakouts or allergy.

Fragrance- None 7. Pea + Yogurt

Pea- stimulates the process of regeneration and gives skin firmness and elasticity.

Yogurt- effectively reduces roughness and lightens skin without drying out.

Helps in improving the complexion and lending a youthful glow to the skin.

Beauty Review : Revlon’s Scented Nail Enamel 

When it comes to fragrances, I prefer subtle ones which keep you fresh and at the same time prevent the person sitting next from getting a headache 😂. That’s the primary reason I mostly choose mists over perfumes for everyday use, fragrance that feels as if it is organically emanating from the body gives a much better impression and delights the senses too.

So how about having a nail paint that gives a vibrant shade to your nails and also emits a soothing fragrance, this is what these scented nail enamels from Revlon are meant to do. The aromas range from Bordeaux to fresh linen, here we are reviewing the African Tea Rose –

Pros –

  • gives a smooth-matte finish.
  • light, enticing fragrance that lasts for about 4-5 hours after drying.
  • cute packaging, combining the look of nail-paint cum scents. Easy to carry.

Cons –

  • starts getting chipped after 1-2 days, can’t be compared with the lasting power of a gel nail paint.

Overall Rating – 9 on 10

Loved the concept, and would definitely recommend it as a product to be used for special occasions.

I bought this scented nail enamel from Jabong for 389 rupees. Hope you have an amazing day ahead ❤️

My First Ever M.A.C : #Rubywoo

I am more of a no makeup person, my basic makeup regime consisted of three things – Lactocalamine, lip butter and kohl from The Body Shop  . It was only after getting married that things like blusher, eyeshadows, bronzer etc got added to my beauty lexicon. And even these were limited to organic, neutral shade palettes from The Body Shop  .

For my lips I have been using lip and cheek velvet stick from The Body Shop  and a nude lipgloss from Maybelline , if I intend to have a shinier look. The thought of using lipstick and that too in a shade of red wasn’t even in my wildest dreams. I like red as a colour and i have admired girls wearing red lipsticks, but I always thought it is a colour meant for a very fair skin tone and you need to be bold enough to flaunt it. But countless reviews from bloggers, beauty tutorials and recommendations from friends coaxed me in trying the Ruby Woo shade from MAC. (Their signature red shade with a matte finish)


I was feeling sceptical even upto the moment of entering the MAC store where I told their beauty assistant about this being my first MAC purchase and how perplexed I am about buying a red coloured lipstick. She was quite helpful and briefed me on the number of options MAC has in red/pink colour, but it was one line she said which sealed the deal for me- Ruby Woo is a shade which suits every possible skin tone and is the Best Buy from MAC. And, I purchased it.


I have been in love with Rubywoo since then. It is a classic-retro, vibrant shade of red with a flawless matte finish and can uplift the look of any outfit- be it western or Indian. Feeling lazy – no need for an elaborate makeup routine, just glide Ruby Woo on your lips and you are ready. It is glamorous but not flashy, just the perfect shade of red. When in doubt, wear Ruby Woo 🙂



Leave all your preconceived notions behind and try Ruby Woo, it is perfect for all skin- tones.

Have you been using the MAC Ruby Woo? We would love to know your experience, also tell us which are your favourite lipsticks?

Shopping Bag : ZARA Sale

Whoa- Getting Zara  products in 990 Rupees

Fashion is about surprise and suspense and fantasy, it is not about rules. Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like. And what better than Zara to fill your closet with the most classy things. Paychecks come and go, but Zara is forever 😉

Sale – A fashionista’s favorite four letter word –

There is a grand sale going on a whole lot of stuff at Zara – be it dresses, accessories, bags, footwear etc. When it comes to buying basics like a denim or a LBD, Zara is the perfect option. Once a basic outfit is in place,  you have the freedom to mix and match and glamourise or underplay your look in sync with the current runway trends.

Here’s the retail therapy into which I indulged myself at the Zara sale, bought a black leather sling bag with a dark tan coloured flap. A versatile piece which can go with almost all looks, I already have so many of them in mind 🙂


Zara SCM-4

We have curated a list of some of the best dresses, tops, footwear, handbags and accessories available on discounted prices, with both original and after sale prices mentioned.

Dresses –

FullSizeRender (19)
Floral Embroidery dress – Sale Price- 999 rupees/ Original Price – 2790 rupees
FullSizeRender (18)
Fitted polka dot dress- – Sale price- 999 rupees/ Original price- 2290 rupees
FullSizeRender (20)
Gingham mini dress- sale price- 1990 rupees/ original price- 2790 rupees
FullSizeRender (25)
Floral embroidered dress- sale price- 2990 rupees/ original price- 4990 rupees
FullSizeRender (28)
Guipure lace dress- sale price- 1990 rupees/ original price- 3990 rupees
FullSizeRender (21)
Floral dress- sale price- 1990 rupees/ original price- 3990 rupees
FullSizeRender (23)
Contrast dress- sale price- 2990 rupees/ original price- 3990 rupees
FullSizeRender (29).jpg
Embroidered multicoloured dress- sale price- 1990 rupees/ original price- 3990 rupees
Dress with corset detail- sale price- 1190 rupees/ original price- 1890 rupees
Lace dress with patch- sale price- 990 rupees/ original price- 2490 rupees

Footwear –

FullSizeRender (30)
sale price- 1790 rupees/ original price- 2890 rupees
FullSizeRender (31)
sale price- 1490 rupees/ original price- 3990 rupees
FullSizeRender (32)
sale price- 1790 rupees/ original price- 2990 rupees
FullSizeRender (33)
Sale price – 2290 rupees/ original price- 3990 rupees


FullSizeRender (34)
Oval crossbody bag- sale price- 990 rupees/ original price- 1690 rupees
FullSizeRender (42)
Tropical city bag- sale price- 1790 rupees/ original price – 2890 rupees
FullSizeRender (43)
Contrasting stripes bag- sale price- 1490 rupees/ original price- 2290 rupees
FullSizeRender (44)
Beaded bucket bag- sale price- 1790 rupees/ original price – 2890 rupees
FullSizeRender (45)
Golden leather bucket bag- sale price- 2290 rupees/ original price- 3990 rupees

Tops & Accessories –

FullSizeRender (46)
Floral print top- sale price- 1190 rupees/ original price- 2490 rupees
FullSizeRender (51)
Metallic sunglasses- sale price- 690 rupees/ original price- 1490 rupees
FullSizeRender (47)
Striped blouse- sale price- 1990 rupees/ original price- 2790 rupees
FullSizeRender (49)
Short blouse with embroidery- sale price- 1490 rupees/ original price- 2490 rupees
FullSizeRender (48)
Printed top with bow sleeves- sale price- 1990 rupees/ original price- 2790 rupees
FullSizeRender (52)
Bandana style choker- sale price- 390 rupees/ original price- 1190 rupees
FullSizeRender (50)
Striped cropped top- sale price- 1190 rupees/ original price- 2490 rupees
FullSizeRender (53)
Animal print scarf- sale price- 390 rupees/ original price- 1490 rupees
Scariest horror story= Sold Out, Rush to the nearest Zara store soon 🙂

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong ,and your Monday be short 🙂

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Travel : Dadhikar Fort, Alwar

This post is about a trip I took with my mother to explore “Dadhikar Fort”. It is located at the outskirts of Alwar, which is at a distance of about 160 kms from both Delhi and Jaipur, making it a perfect weekend getaway. I got to know about the place from a friend who visited the Fort for an outing with her family. I did some research on TripAdvisor and the reviews were very much positive.

About the property : Dadhikar Fort, a beautiful combination of nature, graceful history of thousand years and the reflection of ancient Indian art and culture. You get to witness immaculate hospitality, delicious meals and a tête-à-tête with the locals of the village. We even got a chance to interact with the owner of the property, who was gracious enough to give us a detailed glimpse of the history of the Fort.

How the place came into existence- When Ramji Kaushik, a middle class boy from Alwar, decided to buy a dilapidated fort on the outskirts of Alwar city, his friends thought he had lost his sanity. Neither the hilltop fort nor the Dadhikar village at its foothill had water or electric supplies. There was no road leading up to the ruins of the once-fortified haveli. Everybody else saw it as the derelict structure that was devoid of amenities but he envisioned it as a getaway far from city life, with a breathtaking view. He recycled the stones from rubble, hunted down retired masons who could work with old style of limestone construction, trained young labourers from the Dadhikar village itself. Imperial looking wooden gates were custom made from Jodhpur, janglas sourced from Shekhawati and the entire fort was furnished like an antiquated and fortified haveli.

What we loved the most-What fascinates you most about the property is the fact that the rustic charm has not been lost in keeping up with the modern needs. The locals are very much a part of the hotel’s daily activities and the place perfectly blends in with the quaint aura of the village. It doesn’t give you that typical “5-star property” vibe which interferes with the ecological balance of the surroundings.

Since the fort’s initial structure is not modified, each room is different and has been given a unique name. They also have Swiss tents which is where we stayed. You can choose the rooms as per your taste and budget. We made our booking through Goibibo , you can find more about the place on TripAdvisor and their website Dadhikar Fort.

Recommendation : A quick tip – Try visiting the place in the months of September- March as you won’t be able to venture out much in summers, also it wil be difficult to munch on the delectable food they serve. We went in December and the weather was just perfect.

A surprise coming soon, keep following us on Facebook and Instagram. Here are pictures from the trip- IMG_3960

The vintage charm very much maintained 
Admiring the view


Delicious food with spectacular views

Fort Interiors 
Folk performances at night



Nature at its best 


The Swiss tents where we stayed, so close to nature :)



Mom with a village local
The place where breakfast is served