Brand Review : Amydus

As the title suggests, this post is about my shopping experience from Amydus . I had seen a lot of advertisements of the brand on Facebook and there were pictures of happy customers wearing their apparel.

The order I placed was for a star print shift dress in powder pink colour. The shopping experience on their website was hassle free and both cash on delivery/exchange options are available.

The star print shift dress I ordered, image from Amydus website.


The package arrived in perfect condition within 3-4 days of placing the order. My expression changed from that of excitement to dismay on opening it. The dress was quite loose ,but that was not a problem as they do facilitate exchange, the issue was with the vibe of the apparel. It looked like a “dress” in the pictures I had seen, which can easily be worn to a movie night or to a casual luncheon with friends. But in reality, the fabric, cut and print was making it look more like a nightdress and not a dress that is meant to be worn beyond home 😦

I still didn’t lose hope and thought maybe the reason is it’s ill-fitted. I mailed them asking for an exchange, for which the reply was quick and within two days a pickup was arranged. The return took seven days and when I tried the new dress, I realised that it was meant to be a nightwear and nothing can change that. I don’t sleep in clothes made of satin and given the weather it seems impossible.

This maybe a one time disastrous experience and there might  be some other good stuff to buy, but with so many clothing startups and options to choose from, I won’t be putting another 1200 bucks at risk.

Do tell us if you have ever shopped from Amydus  and how was your experience. Hope you are following our Facebook page, lots happening there.

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Grab The Sale :)

This post is about the drool-worthy sale going on in two of my absolute favourite brands. A visit to their stores is a must part of my shopping spree, not only when I am into the buying mode,but also to have a glimpse on all the new trendy stuff in stock.

Chumbak  store is like a little wonderland with so many cute little things in vibrant colours. They have a 70 percent discount going on a lot of stuff and some of these are ones that I have bought previously without sale, it’s the perfect time to grab them. A hard learned lesson 😦

Here are my favourite picks from Chumbak , both original and after-discount prices have been mentioned.







Stuff from Charles & Keith is like an heirloom possession and the brand is a big source of inspiration for me to save some money and buy their products which are a sheer delight. This was one of the most unexpected surprises that I have ever encountered, when the saleslady at the store apprised us of the fact that a 25-60 percent discount is going on a whole lot of things. It was music to my ears,I didn’t have any idea that Charles and Keith offers things on sale too. It’s the perfect time to own the bag/ sandals / sunglasses that you have been eyeing from long. I purchased sandals priced at approx 5000 rupees in 2000 bucks, couldn’t have asked for more. A separate post on what I bought soon 😉


Footwear from Charles & Keith


Bag and footwear from Charles & Keith

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Decor : Homes Of The Stars Part 2

Continuing with our previous decor post about celebrity homes that can inspire us and are not so gigantic, here’s the remaining list-

3. Parineeti Chopra – Her home is as bubbly as the actress herself is, with Jazz inspired artworks and a complete bohemian vibe. It is exactly how the home of a twenty-something dame should be. The house exudes a lot of energy and vibrance, Her involvement in the decor is clearly palpable. It is a fun space; born not in an architect’s office, but in the charged, active mind of its owner.

Living room 
Quirky Decor 


The bathroom wall has names of Parineeti’s favourite cities inscribed on it.

4. John Abraham– This one is my personal favourite, a perfect sea-facing penthouse offering endless views of the Arabian Sea and giving you the easy-breezy Goan vibe in Mumbai. The house has been done up in a minimalistic yet lavish manner and focus is on giving it the feel of a perfect tropical paradise. The natural-looking wooden decor is so quaint and charming.

Sea facing Infinity pool
Living Room 





5. Kangana Ranaut– The actress has ensured that she stays close to her roots, her house has a mountain flavour with lots of greenery and colour. There are no movie posters or awards, she is clear about separating her professional life from the personal and this house to her is undeniably personal.


Living Room 
Dining Space


Hope you liked this series of decor posts, Do share your thoughts on the same. Our giveaway- contest ends tomorrow, you can still take part and win the cute hampers.

(Images sourced from Architectural Digest)

Decor : Homes Of The Stars

I realised that we had done only one decor post so far while it is a topic that fascinates me a lot. Redesigning a space is like a meditation in itself, it declutters your mind and also helps to jettison things which aren’t needed anymore. The inspiration for this post came from the numerous articles I read on architectural digest about homes of the new celebs on the block. What I liked most about these houses is that they aren’t gigantic or bombastic like a palace but each has a unique aura which very much reflects the personality and taste of the owner.

So here’s the list of 5 of my favourite celebrity homes –

1. Alia Bhatt – Her home is as removed from the glamour associated with Bollywood as possible and even the lighting is muted, in deliberate contrast to the harsh spotlight- literal and figurative – in which the actress usually finds herself.


Living Room 
Dressing room 


Dining space 
Reading Corner

2. Irrfan Khan- The home of this star very much resonates with the kind of cinema he works in – quaint and ethereal . You can find a strong presence of his Rajasthani roots with blue pottery decor, a “jhoola” in the living room, and a small pond too.


Dining Space 
Living room with the jhoola and pond




Since this is a picture heavy post, the remaining homes will be covered in second part of the article. Hope you liked witnessing the homes of our glitterati and could draw some inspiration, do share any home decor tips that you have in mind.

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(Disclaimer- All images sourced from the Architectural Digest)

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Travel : Dadhikar Fort, Alwar

This post is about a trip I took with my mother to explore “Dadhikar Fort”. It is located at the outskirts of Alwar, which is at a distance of about 160 kms from both Delhi and Jaipur, making it a perfect weekend getaway. I got to know about the place from a friend who visited the Fort for an outing with her family. I did some research on TripAdvisor and the reviews were very much positive.

About the property : Dadhikar Fort, a beautiful combination of nature, graceful history of thousand years and the reflection of ancient Indian art and culture. You get to witness immaculate hospitality, delicious meals and a tête-à-tête with the locals of the village. We even got a chance to interact with the owner of the property, who was gracious enough to give us a detailed glimpse of the history of the Fort.

How the place came into existence- When Ramji Kaushik, a middle class boy from Alwar, decided to buy a dilapidated fort on the outskirts of Alwar city, his friends thought he had lost his sanity. Neither the hilltop fort nor the Dadhikar village at its foothill had water or electric supplies. There was no road leading up to the ruins of the once-fortified haveli. Everybody else saw it as the derelict structure that was devoid of amenities but he envisioned it as a getaway far from city life, with a breathtaking view. He recycled the stones from rubble, hunted down retired masons who could work with old style of limestone construction, trained young labourers from the Dadhikar village itself. Imperial looking wooden gates were custom made from Jodhpur, janglas sourced from Shekhawati and the entire fort was furnished like an antiquated and fortified haveli.

What we loved the most-What fascinates you most about the property is the fact that the rustic charm has not been lost in keeping up with the modern needs. The locals are very much a part of the hotel’s daily activities and the place perfectly blends in with the quaint aura of the village. It doesn’t give you that typical “5-star property” vibe which interferes with the ecological balance of the surroundings.

Since the fort’s initial structure is not modified, each room is different and has been given a unique name. They also have Swiss tents which is where we stayed. You can choose the rooms as per your taste and budget. We made our booking through Goibibo , you can find more about the place on TripAdvisor and their website Dadhikar Fort.

Recommendation : A quick tip – Try visiting the place in the months of September- March as you won’t be able to venture out much in summers, also it wil be difficult to munch on the delectable food they serve. We went in December and the weather was just perfect.

A surprise coming soon, keep following us on Facebook and Instagram. Here are pictures from the trip- IMG_3960

The vintage charm very much maintained 
Admiring the view


Delicious food with spectacular views

Fort Interiors 
Folk performances at night



Nature at its best 


The Swiss tents where we stayed, so close to nature :)



Mom with a village local
The place where breakfast is served 


Gangster Theme Party

The gangster theme is all about capturing the underworld of infamous hoodlums and flashy showgirls by getting dolled up in Jazz Age inspired attire and accessories. The more glamorous and embellished the better, so go all out in a head to toe sequin gown or try a more exotic style with an Asian inspired cheongsam dress. Make your entry in a long, wide-collared fur or faux-fur coat. Add Art Deco- inspired jewellery such as dangling earrings and bracelets, wide rhinestone chokers and necklaces. Fishnet stockings and mid-heel Mary Jane shoes will look period appropriate with any dress.

Another trend to consider is “animal print”. It is generally expensive and considered rather exotic, hence a symbol of wealth and status. It totally is a style of power dressing and gives you an aura of that uber rich tycoon. Add dramatic makeup, sunglasses and drape a scarf to bring that shady quotient.

No true Indian can underestimate the power of Sholay- and when it comes to gangster theme costumes, it doesn’t get better than this. Whether you want to keep it on the low like Thakur or barge in like the terrifying Gabbar(Sans the horse, of course:) – the movie doesn’t let you down. Other famous Bollywood movies from which looks can be tried- Vaastav, Omkara,Sarkaar,Once upon a time in Mumbai, Gangs of Wasseypur, Rangoon, Satya, Agneepath etc.

Here are the pictures from the party-

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Dress- Shoppers Stop, Heels- Carlton London, Necklace- Forever 21, Watch- Titan, Bracelet and Sunglasses- Accessorize, Earrings and Hair accessory from a flea market in Jaipur.
The Lady Dons ;), bow handbag- Stalkbuylove


The underworld queens 😎
Here come the dacoits



The Mona Darlings 😉
The super cute baby gangster 🙂




Food : Corn Shots

A new delicacy- Corn Shots 


It was during my recent dinner outing at the newly opened cafe- Tapri Ashram  at Marriott, Jaipur that i discovered an interesting delicacy in their menu called “corn shots”. I am a big fan of anything related to corn, be it a pizza or a sandwich or pasta so it was inevitable to try this novel dish. I enquired about this canapé, which is when the big secret was revealed- corn shot is basically our very own puchkas (gol-gappas) with a filling of corn, mayonnaise and cheese. This was an unimaginable combination of two of my most favourite things- corn and puchkas.

One plate is priced at 140 rupees and had 9 corn shots, which is quite a fair deal. This delectable and easy to make savoury can be a scrumptious starter for any party. Especially in the army fraternity where we are on a constant lookout for new recipes, this can be a perfect item in the menu for an elaborately planned house warming to a quick tea party and it barely requires any culinary skills, a big relief for cooking novices like me 😊

Here’s the recipe-


1. Puchkas

2. American corn

3. Mayonnaise

4. Oregano

5. Chilli flakes

6. Mozzarella cheese(grated)

7. Coriander(finely chopped)

Method –

1. Make a mixture of American corn and mayonnaise.

2. Take a puchka and make a hole. Fill it with above mixture.

3. Top it with grated cheese, oregano, chilli flakes and coriander leaves.

Your mouth-watering corn shots titbits is ready, with a preparation time of less than 10 minutes.


Do share your feedback when you try this quickie appetiser and yes if you have any such easy recipes, we would love to share it on the blog. Keep checking our daily stories on Instagram and Facebook.